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  • We also procure on behalf of our clients

  • EAC is able to procure petroleum products from the major international oil markets, import and transit the products to its customers in the region. These Guarantee sufficient product handling capabilities for the company's South Sudanese Customers.

    EAC was fleets of fuel tankers to compliment other third party fleets that it contracts at any one time to ensure uninterrupted and efficient logistical lines to its customers. EAC Distribution has developed a strong network of distributors and retailers of fuel. Capable of showcasing and selling almost any product under any distribution model. We offer a comprehensive solution for any challenge. From Business to Business (B2B) to door to door services, the choices is clear. Utilizing the latest GPS tracking technology can track your load from pick up to delivery. At times we will also use the assistance of approved contractors to assist and help faciliate when we are unable to supply. Our Services includ conducting route surveys, obtaining necessary permits,liaising with police and the organization and management of third party equipment, such as cranes etc.

    At EAC, we can provide our customers with real time up to date satellite tracking information on the status and location of their fuel supply. Our customers can login at any time day or night, and view the location of their shipment or shipments on a map of South Sudan. Call and ask us about or satellite tracking option. All our vehicles are tagged and their freight can be tracked as they travel. Gadgets are also installed to control fuel siphoning along the routes designated

  • EAC Construction offers a full range of preconstruction and construction services.

    We supply and transport a large range of building materials, equipment and supplies which can be delivered all over South Sudan on time by our fleet of trucks. Ranging from tiles and marble to sand, cement and gravel nationally . We can cater for pallet half load and full load.

    EAC offer Design/build services having a team of experts offering clients with a number of advantages. Planning, design, engineering and construction responsibilities are integrated, thereby facilitating project delivery by streamlining the overall process. The EAC Construction team's experience covers a broad range of professional services, from consulting and feasibility studies, to the complete design, engineering and construction expertise to fully implementing a project. The planners, designers, Engineers and builders work in concert throughout the entire project towards the common goal of providing a quality product at a Competitive price.

  • Dry Foods Grain marketing Input and general trade Mechanized trade Financing and Insurance Contract growth programmes Agricultural services Livestock inputs provision
  • Blue Spring International provides a full-service laundry service. We offer a wide range of services, including:

    Washing Drying Folding (potentially) Laundry supplies Retail household products
  • The Etihad market is unique in its competitiveness and demands. As rents rise in Juba so do tenants' expectations and it is therefore vital to be well equipped in order to realize the full Benefit of your investment.

    Our Sales Service Sales Property Valuation Prime Sales Selling Advice Buying Advice Mortgages Sales Jargon Buster
    Our Lettings Service Rental Property Valuation Short Term Lettings Landlords Advice Landlord Fees Tenants Advice Tenant Fees New Homes Land & Development Investment Planning Affordable Homes Development Consultancy International New Homes Sales
  • Venue Sourcing & Negotiation Accommodation Sourcing Agenda / Program Development Speaker Co-ordination & Management Sponsor / Exhibitor Sales & Customer Care Audio-Visual & Set Production Registration, Delegate Payments & Budging Delegate Marketing, Advertising, and Brochure Production Post-event Surveys & Analysis
  • Etihad International Ltd provides all types of Fire Protection and Fire Detection Systems, as well as state-of-the-art Security and Integrated Telecommunications Solutions to a wide range of market sectors such as Oil & Gas, Commercial, Aviation, Telecommunication, Transportation Facilities, Industrial, Power & Water and Marine. Our portfolio of solutions and services include

    Fire & Gas Detection Systems CCTV Systems Intruder Alarm Access Control Systems Water spray and Sprinkler Systems Equipment Dry Chemical Systems Fire Pumps Specialist Detection Systems Fire Alarm Systems Perimeter Protection Systems Foam Systems Fire Monitor Systems (Water and Foam) Fire Fighting Equipment Portable Extinguishers Integrated Systems Radio Communications Gas Extinguishing Systems CO2 Systems Deluge

    The diverse range of solutions and services in our portfolio enable us to keep up with the ever- Changing demands of the various markets we serve.

  • Etihad supplies High quality security cameras with large inbuilt memory capacity to enable long recording of day to day happenings. We also provide Biometric systems to monitor entry and exits.

  • Etihad also supplies Computers and accessories

  • Etihad Supplies Offices, individuals and companies with stationary. We deliver highest quality products with the least time possible.

  • 14We supply containers for ferrying materials and storages. We also supply Prefabs for cheap and fast accommodation

  • Etihad supplies original and genuine electrical materials of high quality such as wires, cables, electric outlets fuses etc

  • Etihad provides tents to your specifications and functions

  • We supply new quality mobile toilets. Delivery to your location can be made

  • Etihad is a preferred company for your printing needs like IEC materials, clothing’s, bags, caps, T- shirts, banners etc. We also do Embroidery on clothes.

  • Etihad supply medicine, medical equipment and hospital furniture.

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